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Blogmas day 9 - Answering comments

Publié le par Charly C.

Hello everyone!

Today's challenge is to reply to ALL the comments on the blog. 

A simple search or look at my blog will reveal that nobody likes my blog, thus there are no comments. 

But i do have a habit of commenting on Youtube or Facebook. 

Sometimes, that's not a pleasant experience in the end. Especially when it leads to passionate replies - to put it nicely. 

Someone, somewhere finds something to feel offended by. Usually they don't fully understand the written text or don't even read it completely. Sometimes i have the bad habit of writing something when i get triggered. This leads to a poorly worded comment. 

Did I learn my lesson? not really. will i eventually learn my lesson? hopefully. 

However, the most important lesson is to not get affected by what others say. 

For instance, one of the most recent comments i left were on this video of a lady in US, explaining how she lives in poverty or something. 

She first explained what her expenses are, a bit about her income - she was not 100% clear on how much she earns, but she did say she earns quite a bit... and then proceeded to show us how frugal she is. 

There were so many things wrong with the video, it's unbelievable. She said she has no loans to pay off, she doesn't pay rent, she doesn't have children, and she's single. She bought her house cash, her 2 cars the same, and she owns a dog. 

Did you catch there the error(s)? Well, to put things into perspective, poor people can't afford to buy a house in cash, nor do they own 2 cars. Poor people can barely make ends meet. Being poor usually refers to how much money you earn and not how much you spend.

So in this light, i commented that the title of the video should be changed, never thinking she'd reply. She did! She didn't have to though, because i already knew her entitled answer. -No. 

At which point i started trolling her, hoping she would stop. She didn't stop, she turned everything i said against me. 

I was in high spirits at the time, so her entitled replies didn't bother me much. 

In the end i was the one who stopped because i felt like "being the mature one" and let her think she "won over the troll." 

This was one of the times where such an exchange was fun. But there are many times when the exchange of comments is not fun, but rather upsetting.

If you want some piece of advice, when you comment on anything, try to do it when you're in good spirits. Also, don't go back to check on the replies - it's not always worth the effort. 

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