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Going in the park. Take 2

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Hello everyone!

As you all know, Romania was in the State of Emergency, aka martial law for about 2 months, because of 'Rona. This meant we couldn't go out anywhere, especially not in the park. 

I talked in this post about exploring the Carol Park in Bucharest, last year. I posted pictures only of the Mausoleum, which is probably the best attraction in this park. 

However, as I was explaining there, there are a few other things that visitors should check out. Some visitors were checking them out, but I have a feeling they were all locals. And i think tourists and other foreigners should also check these features out. 

I found it on an alley on the right of the way leading up to the mausoleum. 

Don't ask me who this is, as I forgot, and I didn't take any closer picture or one in which his name would appear. Sorry about that. I guess he was a scientist of sorts.. I thought the statue was pretty impressive on its own, so i took a picture. 

There are many statues scattered across the city both in parks and outside of them. 

Walking a bit more, we found this fountain.

And we weren't even allowed to get close to it, sadly. The security came to chase us away right after I managed to snap this picture.  It's sad that the authorities don't try to take advantage of this gem of architecture, more: promote it, charge $1 to get close, something...  

They did let a newly wedded couple to take pictures there, and they weren't even alone.

I was impressed by it in person. Even the air around it seemed different, magical? for some weird reason. I can't explain it. 

These 3 photos belong together. I'm not sure what this abstract art is supposed to represent. They remind me of Communist mosaic art. It just has that feeling. You can see the mosaic dating to the Communist times from the fountains downtown in this post - the mosaic has been replaced as the fountains were revamped.

It's just sad that the pieces haven't been maintained because i find them stunning. Surely they'll be removed at some point, just like the art in the fountains has been removed during the renovation/revamping works. 

Sure the fountains and the park needed/need some love and upkeep and the Communist era is something most Romanians want to leave behind, in the 20th century. 

This was another water fountain it seems. It didn't work and I had to be quick in taking this picture because I didn't want to be chased by the security anymore. 

The design of this fountain is very interesting and doesn't really seem like something they would like more than 100 years back - asymmetry. 

I'm not sure what this asymmetry was meant to express, but it looks good and still quite fresh since we're used to seeing generally symmetrical buildings. If they're not symmetrical, they're somehow made to look like 1 piece. This is a puzzle: pieces of various sizes and shapes, taken from who knows where and made to fit together. 

How cool is that?!

As you can see from the image, this was taken in 2017. You can still find these gigantic pots at the main entrance of the Gradina Cismigiu. Yet again I'm not sure what these pots are meant to represent as I actually didn't pay attention to see if there's an explanation for them or not. 

Yes,  Gradina Cismigiu is a different park and not very close to Carol Park. I wanted to include these pots as an example: almost no matter which park you go to, you're likely to see something unique, even if boring at first, but that can be removed at a later point in time for a reason or another. 

I think there might be a 3rd entry as well, as I have yet to talk about the creatures you can see in these parks. 

See you soon! 

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