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Midnight crepes - a blog entry

Publié le par Charly C.

Hello everyone.

Right now it's 1am over here. I just came from the kitchen where i prepared some crepes. I started them at something past midnight. This is the 3rd night I do this, granted, not in a row. I think I'm in the process of developing a new habit.

Midnight crepes - a blog entry

The midnight crepes are not all that special, they're regular, sweet crepes that you fill with anything you want that is sweet. In my case, these crepes seem to be better than the ones I make in the day-time. hmmm maybe my cravings determine me to cook better, or maybe i just like the food more.

In any case, the batter turned out exceptionally well, but of course i measured nothing. Water - 500 ml, 1 egg, 5 spoons sugar, pinch of salt, and several spoons of all purpose flour - 5 or maybe 6?

OOps, I should have cleaned the stove's top. Tonight the crepes are less burned, but I took no photos.

Well, this is all for now, bye~~

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