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Being productive.... as a freelancer

Publié le par Charly Cross

So earlier today I was thinking about posting a blog entry, however I was out of ideas. And I started wondering why was that... Is like when I have work to do, my head gets filled with 10000036487234 other things I want, need, or have to do. I also get many more ideas of what to write about in my blog. When I actually have the time to do whatever .... guess what? all my inspiration is gone, all my motivation is gone too... everything.


Is it only me? I don't think so. In fact, I noticed many people in a similar situation. How do we work around this, in our favor?



My friend came up with the best, most perfect solution. That is to create a schedule and a rewarding system. Say I work for some 30 minutes straight, or an hour, with NO distractions. Then, I take a short break, no more than 15 minutes, when I do whatever else I want to do. Sounds, awesome, doesn't it? So WHY don't I do that?


To be honest... I have no idea why. Some might call it being lazy, not enough motivated, lack of a strong will... and who knows what else.


Well, maybe I should try harder to break this nasty habit... Wish me luck?


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