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Cooking My Recipes

Publié par Charly C.

I like cooking. I think I should have all my recipes in 1 page.

Some of the recipes are vegan friendly, or can be adapted to a vegan diet by simply removing the ingredients of animal origin. 

warnings: some links are broken for now, as I work my way through the post, update them, and make them ready for publishing. there may seem like few recipes, but they'll slowly appear. 

 This page is actually what my former cooking blog should have looked like. My former blog was CookingMyExperience.wordpress.com where currently everything is still hosted, but soon most of the site will be incorporated in this one. 


Soups are really easy to make. I have maybe 2 recipes, and they generally follow the same technique. 

vegetable soup "for any purpose" || version 2 ||

Main dishes

Spinach with milk || refilled bell peppers || baby pumpkins stew [vegan friendly] ||

Other Stuff

Of course, I cook other stuff as well. Let's see what?

meatballs || roasted eggplant [vegan!] || mac & cheese || pizza (no meat) ||


Salads are very easy to make, not very heavy for the stomach, and often times delicious. Have a look at some of our favorites.

raw carrot salad [vegan! raw!] || "oriental" salad [vegan friendly!] ||


I think I cooked too many sweets over time. I don't eat sweets in excess though. Have a look at what I prepared:

doughnuts - version 1, version 2, version 3 

poundcake -  version with poppy, version with oranges, version "generic"

French toast || creme brulee || watermelon granita || Linzer torte ||