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Nothing new this week

Publié le par Charly C.

Hello all!

Sadly, this week I have nothing new to share. Despite having 10 posts in the draft mode, none is complete nor near completion. I also don't have the time to edit them, as I have a deadline today and then I must start working on another task. 

Sometimes, being a freelancer means I can't take proper care of the blog, and this saddens me, but it's the lifestyle I chose and that I believe fits me most. I also really like what I do - as I mentioned several times, i believe. 

Have a great Sunday and week. I hope to be back on Thursday with a movie review I watched recently, so keep an eye open for that! 

PS: i haven't forgotten about my tarot entries, I was conflicted about posting because of my new found interest and belief in Jesus Christ. Don't worry, I won't be drowning you with Christianity stuff - but I will share some stuff I find interesting, from time to time. [And i do have something to share ... it will take some time though because the idea (inspiration) just occurred to me].

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