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Shopping only for fitting clothes

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Hello everyone~~

Shopping is an activity many women simply LOVE. Everyone knows that! And it takes them a lot of time to buy a cute new outfit, or a perfect shirt, whatever other clothing item they want.


Men, however, don't spend as much time shopping for the stuff they need. Could it be that they know better what they want? Perhaps it is so, but maybe this aspect has something to do with this fact:


Men's bodies seem made in the same mold, while women have a curved body. The curves of a lady don't always fall in the same places, but this is due to their height! Women's bodies come in all shapes and sizes, or so they say. This is why women must try on all the clothes they're interested in, to make sure they fit and look nice.


To add insult to the injury, the amount of patterns, colors, and items in general, is reduced for men's clothing, so it's easier for them to choose something!


I read the stories of many women complaining about how their shopping trip was a failure:


Some of them couldn't find something they liked, others got stuff they weren't 100% happy with, and and and. I think a shopping trip should always end with 100% happiness. I'll share with you THE secret to always buy nicely fitting clothes.

Shopping only for fitting clothes

So, the question is, how can women go shopping and come back home happy? There is a very simple way of knowing if a pair of pants will fit you, for instance. All you have to do is to measure yourself before leaving home, and remember to take the measuring tape with you. You would have to measure the pants you like, in the store, before going to the fitting room. However, this is a rather complicated method and you would have to remember numbers, where to measure and so on. Plus, there is an even easier method you can use:

Take your favorite pair of jeans with you when going shopping and place them against the ones in the store! As long as they seem to be the same size, you can then try them on. If you're self-conscious, shy, or if a lot of people are in the store, you'll:

  • save time: by not taking to the cabin pairs of pants that will never fit, by not getting into the changing room if there are no pants in your size.
  • save face: by not having to ask for yet a larger size, by not taking 10 pairs with you instead of 4 or 6 pairs that actually fit you
  • be done faster with changing clothes, and shopping
  • enjoy your day of shopping for pants.

One important thing you should pay attention to is the rise of the pants: low, high, or regular rise pants will definitely fit different even if the waistband is just as large. You still have to try on the pants in the store before buying them. This way you will see if you would like yourself in them or not.


This tip can be applied to pencil skirts and even bras. It is well-known that different brands will fit differently even if you select the same size. This goes well for bras and pants. I learned this tip from my stylish mother.


See you next time.

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Some Louboutin Shoes are Gorgeous

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So I want to talk about the Louboutin shoes. I mean, those ARE THE shoes, but must say Alexander McQueen (rest in peace!) had his own pieces of work. The pairs of shoes you're about to see are not from a latest collection, but from one dating back at least 5 years. I saw them late at night on April 5th, 2010 in a local store. At the time I was with a friend and we almost wanted to break in and steal the fitting pair for her, lol :D

picture's not mine :(

Picture's not mine. :( Aren't they lovely?

Maybe they aren't everyone's cup of tea, .. eeeer type of heels but at least they are worth a look or two...


Alright, this pair is very similar to one we saw. That one was blue and I believe the detail in front of the leg, around the ankle was bigger. Well, it's been a very long time ago, and this post is something I wrote on a different blog. There was yet a different blog talking about these shoes, and they were saying that:


this pair is inspired by Marie Antoinette, "the flamboyant wife of the equally flamboyant Louis XVI " and "Thirty-six (36) pairs are being made in each color". I wonder how many pairs have been bought here? (they had 2 pairs in the window, both on blue). I think later on, I'll still pass by there (right around the corner) just to take a picture  or two. :) 

I believe the picture was from the official website.


In case you are wondering about where on Earth could you wear these, I have some ideas: the Carnival in Venice, a themed party, or a Halloween party. However these are not shoes made to be worn, but to be admired, thus their limited number.


This is it for now! See you next time~~~~

© Charly Cross 2013 - present. All rights reserved.

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