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Some Louboutin Shoes are Gorgeous

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So I want to talk about the Louboutin shoes. I mean, those ARE THE shoes, but must say Alexander McQueen (rest in peace!) had his own pieces of work. The pairs of shoes you're about to see are not from a latest collection, but from one dating back at least 5 years. I saw them late at night on April 5th, 2010 in a local store. At the time I was with a friend and we almost wanted to break in and steal the fitting pair for her, lol :D

picture's not mine :(

Picture's not mine. :( Aren't they lovely?

Maybe they aren't everyone's cup of tea, .. eeeer type of heels but at least they are worth a look or two...


Alright, this pair is very similar to one we saw. That one was blue and I believe the detail in front of the leg, around the ankle was bigger. Well, it's been a very long time ago, and this post is something I wrote on a different blog. There was yet a different blog talking about these shoes, and they were saying that:


this pair is inspired by Marie Antoinette, "the flamboyant wife of the equally flamboyant Louis XVI " and "Thirty-six (36) pairs are being made in each color". I wonder how many pairs have been bought here? (they had 2 pairs in the window, both on blue). I think later on, I'll still pass by there (right around the corner) just to take a picture  or two. :) 

I believe the picture was from the official website.


In case you are wondering about where on Earth could you wear these, I have some ideas: the Carnival in Venice, a themed party, or a Halloween party. However these are not shoes made to be worn, but to be admired, thus their limited number.


This is it for now! See you next time~~~~

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