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Winter in Bucharest

Publié le par Charly C.

We all know that the weather has changed all over the world. This year the changes were more obvious than ever, as the snow reached Rome. 

Today, as I type this we're hit by another snow storm that started yesterday. It inspired me to show you guys what Bucharest is like in winter. 

I sadly don't take many pictures to begin with, and therefore most of the images below are rather repetitive...?

random street in winter

random street in winter

views from my window in winterviews from my window in winter

views from my window in winter

I like snow. But only when it is fresh and clean. 

Snow fascinates me for some reason - it can be a field or a forest covered with a thick blanket of snow and I could get into a trance. I see it as a symbol of complete solitude, quietness, retreat and the harshest time of the year. 

Sometimes I want to live where it's coldest ... yeah, i have weird ideas. Perhaps it's because at times feel that my heart is that frozen and not caring. 

I also see the snow as a canvas and it's waiting for something to be created on it. 

various snow men. the 2nd was maybe 2" tallvarious snow men. the 2nd was maybe 2" tall

various snow men. the 2nd was maybe 2" tall

Winter in Bucharest

This is one of the views I like the most: trees covered in heavy snow. 

As you can tell, most of the images are from past years' winters. The 2nd snowman above was on the hood of a car. Its hat is a beer bottle cap - how adorable! 

It only snowed a few times this year. here are some glimpses.

I hope you likes seeing some snowy scenes from Bucharest. But new we're ready for the spring and summer!

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