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Pumpkin soup -vegan!

Publié le par Charly C.

Is it Halloween? No, it's the lent before Pascha (or Easter, depending on who you're asking), and pumpkin soup is a vegan dish. We're supposed to eat vegan dishes during lent. 

It's also one of the easiest dishes I came across! And honestly, i have no idea why I waited for so long to make it! No, I do know why: I thought it's sweet, since I associate pumpkin with the pie. I was wrong, or at least this soup didn't turn out sweet. 


  • pumpkin
  • carrots
  • salt
  • powder black pepper
  • water (of course)
  • the tool to mash potatoes (in this case, pumpkin)


You need to peel the carrots and dice them. 

Throw the carrot cubes in a large enough pot, with water and salt. Place the pot on fire. Carrots cook slower than many other vegetables, hence it's ok to have them on the fire for a little longer.

Cut the pumpkin in smaller pieces, and remove the skin. I used my knife for this part. You might want to cut the pieces even smaller, to help with the cooking time.

Throw your smaller pumpkin pieces into the pot as well. Hopefully you can tell the pumpkin pieces in the pot are smaller than on the cutting board.

Turn the heat up, and make the whole think boil for some 20 minutes. You might want to adjust the time, depending on the quantity. You have to make sure the pumpkin is cooked. It has to be soft when you poke it with a fork.

Now you want to take the tool you use for mashing potatoes, and use it to mash the boiled carrots and pumpkin. 

When you're done, you might want to add more salt, and some pepper. You can serve hot or cold.

Bon appetit!

© Charly Cross 2013 - present. All rights reserved.

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Making soup? Easy!

Publié le par Charly C.

Making soup? Easy!Making soup? Easy!

Winter is around the corner in this city. The weather is still mostly sunny, but it’s cold. There is no better excuse to warm up with some warm home-made soup, is there?

Now I want to share with you a soup recipe I made and liked. I called it an “all-purpose” soup, because you can alter it to any type of soup. It’s like a basic soup that is eaten as it is, or turned into a chicken soup, and so on. Before you read on, I have 2 warnings:

  • I’m allergic to onion and garlic, thus my foods never have these ingredients.
  • I didn’t measure almost none of the ingredients, and I wanted more soup, to have some the next day. Making soup is no exact science for me.
frozen mixes are a good alternative, if you don't want to make the soup from scratchfrozen mixes are a good alternative, if you don't want to make the soup from scratch

frozen mixes are a good alternative, if you don't want to make the soup from scratch


  • 2 liters of water
  • 3-4 medium potatoes
  • 1-2 medium to small carrots
  • 1-2  small bell peppers
  • 1/4 cauliflower head
  • salt
  • any other ingredient (vegetables or condiments) you can think of that would work in a soup


  • Turn the stove top on, throw the salt in the water in a large enough pot, and put the pot on the fire.
  • Peel the carrots, dice them and put them in the pot. The water doesn’t need to boil, there is enough time.
  • Peel the potatoes, dice them to bite size and drop them in the pot.
Making soup? Easy!Making soup? Easy!
  • Clean the peppers, chop them and put them in the pot.
  • Clean the cauliflower, chop it, and drop it in the pot.
  • Add any other vegetable you selected above. Any condiments should be added some 10 minutes before you stop the fire.
  • Let boil. It took my soup 45 minutes to completely boil.
Making soup? Easy!Making soup? Easy!


Separately, clean any type of meat you want in your soup. Dice the meat and fry it in a pan with little oil. Grilled meat works fine too. The important part is to cook the meat well.

Making soup? Easy!Making soup? Easy!

When the soup is done, put some meat pieces in a bowl and add hot soup on top for a serving.  You can cover the bowl for some 10-15 minutes and then serve.

Meatballs work just as nicely, but make sure they’re properly cooked, like above.

Making soup? Easy!

This “all-purpose” soup is great for families in which some members don’ t eat meat while others do.  My soup is red because I had put some 2 or 3 tablespoons of tomato sauce. These are added towards the end, with some 10 minutes before you turn off the fire.

Bon Appetit!

© Charly Cross 2013 - present. All rights reserved.

this entry was edited in May 2018, with pictures taken at various times.

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