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mandela effect

I experienced a reality shift

Publié le par Charly Cross

Sadly, this is not a recent occurrence. It happened in January of 2015, most likely on the 1st, maybe 2nd. I apparently didn't write about it right away, but I can't be sure why. This entry is an identical reproduction of what I wrote in my handwritten diary/dream journal - yes, i record in it both dreams and various daily life that affected me in some way. Here it goes:


I believe this was the date. It was pretty late at night and I went to buy some stuff we still needed.


On my way home, when I was passing the street across [note: at the traffic lights, with no incoming cars], I suddenly lost sense of time and place. Reaching the other side I realized I had no idea where I was, what time it was, nor what was I doing there. It felt as if several centuries passed by me in matter of seconds. 

Reaching home, A. told me she felt the same.


I'm disappointed I didn't write more regarding what happened, however I have a rather vivid memory of that night. So what happened was this:


I was in the middle of the street when suddenly I couldn't move my body, everything started spinning, and I SAW how the night turned into light, people walking by me, cars too, and everything was happening so-so fast. Whatever I saw was passing by me so fast, I felt like in a tunnel - everything and everyone was warping around me. It also felt like a HUGE amount of time warped..


Gotta mention that it was a snowy January that year, and it snowed since December the previous year. While time was warping the snow was also gone, the cold sensation wasn't there anymore [as if the snow was fake, like in a dream]...


And when I made it to the other side of the street everything seemed "back to normal" but I'm not sure it was or that it is. I wonder why did I have that short memory loss? I couldn't even figure out who I was, nor my surroundings, nothing at all. 


I was lucky there was no incoming traffic, like mentioned earlier, though most likely they would have honked or detour me.


The warping tunnel was not going back in time, nor going forwards in time... maybe more like a repetition of everything that happened till that moment?? And if we see time like a straight street along which we walk, what i saw was more like a street to the right that we suddenly decide to take to reach a street that is parallel to the one we were walking on - and on this side street we decide to walk like crabs instead of walking like humans. (I'm not sure if this makes any sense.)


I wrote this entry because I experienced the Mandela Effect - we all know now he died in 2013, but I remember him dying back in the 1990s (maybe in the 1980s, in prison), either way not in 2013.


For me, the title of the movie is "Interview with A vampire." I can't talk about anything else that people usually associate with the Mandela Effect because I wasn't exposed to them. I didn't have books with those Bernstein Bears [note: my auto-correct suggested this spelling, I'm not sure which one is the correct one with "a" or with "e"), I didn't watch Star Wars, nor Forrest Gump, and I wasn't exposed to any products, events, or commercials others include in ME.

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