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Not a poem

Publié le par Charly C.

You think your dirty blond tresses

and short dresses

will make the boys come to the yard

but you know not

they come for a free cherry pie.

wanna live in a mansion, 

on my time,

on my money,

in my affection

and my attention.

Think you look hot in a bikini?

but baby, you're a hot mess. 

I know age is just a number

it should show how wise we are.

Our thing?

was a hot mess

a hot mess

a hot mess

a hot mess

Selling yourself short

you know not why you have not

nice tresses, 

nor nice dresses

nor a big mansion.

Your last name should be Manson

for the way you k1ll3d me

my time 'n

my affection. 

Never say 'im sorry'

wanting to take me to court

was the last drop. 

Nobody called you out for our BS

thinking your feelings would hurt

but baby, you have none to hurt. 

Writing this in the evening

im thankful for a new beginning

a new reason for living

and hope you're ready for 

what's coming. 

Not my time,

not my money,

not my affection

nor my attention.

but a hot mess

a hot mess

a hot, hot mess.

yours truly.

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