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Chores in Life: Cleaning - can i be better at it?

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Hello everyone reading this~~

Today's topic is cleaning - cleaning the house, that is. I decided to share some of my thoughts and observations after I started cleaning my apartment. This post is actually a rant - therefore simply my thoughts. Look forward to my next posts related to my observations, some "useful" advice, AND why I like cleaning.  [I'm not sure of their order though.]

First of all, I must say I am really bad at cleaning. I am a pretty messy person. Well, to my defense, there are people way worse than me and others who are far better than me at cleaning or keeping their stuff in order. I wish I belonged in this second group. Who know, maybe after I'm done with it all, I will slowly feel more motivated to stay organized and trying to keep up the clean state of things.


it never lasts for long

What I dislike the most about this chore, is that no more than 2 days pass since it's completed, and things magically go back to the way they were before the action. At this point I'm too tired and in pain to be able to start it all over again.


it's so tiresome

I guess, I was never used to physical activity, and even something as simple as cleaning get's me super tired. The worst part is that my spine starts hurting BADLY if I stay in certain positions for too long. The most common position is partly bend forward - used when doing dishes, using the vacuum, and mopping.


it takes so much time

The apartment is not very big, and there aren't THAT many things to clean. Regardless, it still takes time. I have to use the vacuüm properly to make sure no crumbs and cat hair is left, then I have to mop making sure no streaks are left on the floor, and then I should be dusting.

I believe it takes about 2 hours to vacuüm the place. Then, while mopping, I have to change the water from time to time when it gets too dirty. This might also take another 2 hours. I never checked, but next time, I will. By the time I get to dusting I'm too tired and in too much pain to continue.


the cleaning products are not that good

I will leave the vacuum out of it for now, and I'll complain about the chemical solutions used to actually clean things.

I tried several brands of floor cleaning products. The mop with strings leaves ugly marks on the tile floor I have. Granted, they're seen only in the light, at an angle - I hate that! There are various solutions I use - some leave marks, and some don't leave as many. None of them leaves the floor as shiny as the ad or the package claims. Same goes for the solution that removes dust off the furniture. Luckily my furniture is not the shiny type, but matte. I would die if my shiny furniture would become matte because of the bad solutions in the store.


limescale and grease removal? yeah, i wish it was THAT easy

What I mentioned above applies to the products used against old grease and limescale. Rubbing and scrubbing grease seems more effective than products for this purpose, but it's so tiresome.


skin on my hands becomes so dry

I tried using gloves. Several times. They broke within minutes of putting them on, and they were brand new. This happened while I was doing the dishes. Doing the dishes is a simple task I do daily [or almost daily, depending on the amount of dishes I have]. I guess I still have to try using gloves? or find a good hand cream for me.


With results that don't last, cleaning products that are not as good as expected, and getting all sorts of back pains, it's really no wonder I'm not THAT good at cleaning. Or that willing to complete this chore.

And you? Is cleaning such a difficult chore for you? Is it easy for you to keep up a clean state of things? Please share!

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