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a visit to the national art museum

Publié le par Charly C.

As you know, this is not my first time visiting a museum. 


However this time I kinda want to start a new type of posts on the blog: free things to do in Bucharest. These entries will not be regular, but I will make a page to collect these entries, so that you can have a better access to them. 


So, the Romanian National Art museum has a special offer for its visitors: free entrance EVERY first Wednesday of the month! This also includes taking pictures - but make sure you don't use the flash! 


The museum is split in 2: the Romanian art section and the European art section. I wanted to visit the Romanian part first, and we did so. We thought we could also visit the wing with European art, but we forgot to bring something to drink and we were a bit tired as well. So we decided to visit that wing next month. 


This means that at last next month you'll have another blog in this series. YAY!


However, since I could take pictures for free, I took a ton of them! And since they were just too many, I turned them into a video that you can see below!

You can contact the museum here:


49-53, Calea Victoriei, Bucharest 010063

Telephone: +4 021.313.30.30; Facsimile: +4 021.312.43.27


The tickets cost about 15 lei per adult, or about 4USD, and apparently they act as day passes because if you keep it, you can return for another visit. Make sure to bring cash because you can't pay with your card. There is a bank across the street from the museum, where you ca withdraw money though, so you don't have to worry so much about this if you forget. 

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